Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Another big weekend. Memorial Day. Time for reflection. Time for family and friends.

In keeping with this theme, Jessica and I took a trip to Dallas to meet up with our friends Collin and Katheen. Aside from spending time with friends, the purpose of the trip was to shop. Ikea specifically. Lots of fun. Lots of spending. We already have a list for the return trip in a few months. Our car was loaded down and the trip was unfortunately too short. Still, 24-hours spent with friends is always a good thing.

Lunch was at Ikea (very tasty Swedish meatballs). Dinner was at Maggiano's. Sure, it's a chain restaurant. But the food is so very good. I haven't stuffed myself that much in a very long time. I recommend it highly if you have access to one.

Sunday morning on the way out of town, we stopped by Fry's. It's a huge warehouse of an electronics/computer/media/appliance store. Very much a geek, DIY, and Make heaven. I picked up a modular gaming keyboard - Z-Board and the first season of Dr. Katz (and yes it's as funny as I remember).

This upcoming weekend...back to the old homestead in Tulsa. I am seriously not looking forward to that.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Sweet Zombie-Kitty

Arm update...I hate the Little Rock Red Cross when they do this to me. Yes, I blame them. They are unfriendly and seem very unappreciative of donors. Unfortunately they are the only game in town. Also, I like to donate. I don't really volunteer in other ways so this is what I do to give back to the community. I guess I should be a bit more humble and agree that bruises are just part of the experience and let it go. I do encourage everyone to donate whole blood or platelets as frequently as you can. Chances are you won't bruise. I guess I'm just fragile.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Tom after a rough play. Soccer shots by Bryan Jones.

Mild action shots of me not letting the ball go into the net. Soccer shots by Bryan Jones.

Me in Goal. Tom on Defense. Look at the concentration. Soccer shots by Bryan Jones.

That's me in goal with Tom on defense. Soccer shots by Bryan Jones.
To answers a comment question about scary amusement, death trap parks in New York.

Yep. They're there too. Only arguably more dangerous since the rides sit through a cold, icy, snowy, and salty winter.

Here are links to a few so you can see as well...

Sylvan Beach - the worst/best of the lot. Be aware the website is really annoying. But you need to see the rides so click on the Games & Rides option.

Fort Rickey - a fun animal park.

- no, not an astringent...but an amusement park in Rochester. Similar in size to Magic Springs.

Enchanted Forest / Water Safari - That's right...a big water park in the Adirondack Mountains. A place where summer doesn't really even begin till July. Guess that's why they're quick to point out that the water is heated. I always wanted to go but never did.

Friday, May 19, 2006

SYR meet NYT

My old home got the 36-hour treatment in the New York Times.


Best part: At "Weggy's" you can snag a five-pound bag of Hinerwadel's Salt Potatoes ($2.99), the blue-collar delicacy that is to Syracuse what chicken wings are to Buffalo. They look like doughnut holes, but don't be deceived: humanity has never devised a finer delivery system for butter and salt.

Not sure if truer words were ever written. Also...I don't know anyone who refer's to the grocery store Wegman's as Weggy's. Crazy talk.

For all you squeamish folks out there...I sneaked (and yes, it's correct usage) some photos while at the Red Cross yesterday. Not sure why. Maybe just because I could. Though I bet if they saw me taking the photo they would not be happy.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Laugh your sittin place off...

Take a look and listen at Ax a Pirate. It's in response to Ask a Ninja; but more funny.

To follow up on the previous thread...LibertyLand is no longer around. Their site indicates it closed for good after 30 years last October. Let's observe a moment of silence for Munkee Girl's loss. I think we should temper that loss by pitching in and getting her something at the LibertyLand auction. Photos here. Brochure here.

Take a look at the photos. Kinda sad. But it also makes me wish I was rich and eccentric so I could buy the place and live out my Scooby-Doo fantasies (no not those fantasies). Doesn't it look like the standard, Scooby-Doo, rundown amusement park. Zoiks!

So I broke down and read The Da Vinci Code. Fun but ephemeral. Very shallow mystery with a greater focus on the mystery than the characters.'s been enjoyable as a page-turner. I prefer something with a bit more meat like Eco's Foucault's Pendulum. I do want to see the movie, which is why I read the book. As for the's a work of need for the Church to get all up in arms about it or for shallow readers to take it as a challenge to their Faith. If something like this book causes a wavering of Faith then clearly they're not too strong in their beliefs after all.

Reading anything interesting? Post it to the Comments. I'll share some more titles later.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Very busy weekend.

Magic Springs
on Saturday. I tend to call it Tragic Springs based on its former reputation as an unsafe and poorly maintained park. In all honesty I had a good time. It's no Disney, Universal, Silver Dollar City, or even Worlds of Fun but it was much better than I expected. There is a decent steel coaster with 5 inversions, number of above average carnival-style rides, a small water park, and a out-and-back wooden coaster - the Arkansas Twister. Odd name since there is no twisting involved. I liked the Twister and something called Wild Thang the best. Since we purchased season passes I'll certainly go back a few times throughout the summer. If you're in Central Arkansas be sure to consider this park if you're needing a coaster fix and can't get to one of the major parks.

We took advantage of our proximity to Hot Springs to eat at McClard's, an excellent barbecue restaurant. Stop in if you ever go to Hot Springs. Very tasty, especially if you like a strong vinegar-based sauce. credit cards. Thankfully Bryan had cash to cover the meal.

Early warning to those who can get to Little Rock this's Greek Food Fest next weekend. Don't miss it.

Monday, May 08, 2006

What a great weekend back in F'ville. Time well spent with friends. However...we did go to perhaps the saddest SpringFest I ever attended. Rainy and cold kept people away. Still, it's a great tradition to head out to SpringFest and watch Desert Fire dance at the Walton Arts Center.

Special thanks to Kathleen and Collin for providing a roof and bed during our stay. Peter and Beth hosted a very tasty Cinco de Mayo event. I must have those tamales again. So very good.

The conversation on Friday turned towards are some great word podcasts. They are short, fun and informative.

Podictionary / On Words with John Ciardi / The Word Nerds