Sunday, November 25, 2007

Early Christmas?

All -

Bex is settling in nicely. He experienced his first Thanksgiving and tried so much food I thought he was going to pop like a tick. He's generally open to trying new foods. I was very surprised that he liked the greens so much. We spent the day with family. Mr. Bex was a good sport and was in good spirits. He's a joy to be around.

Since I had to work the day after Thanksgiving, Jess opted out of joining the crazies who shop at 4 a.m. to get deals on under-powered PCs other items that will likely break soon after using. Generally you get what you pay for. Also, my time and sleep are to valuable to deal with that kind of crowd situation. Too often the limited quantities of the super sale items means you leave empty-handed or have to settle for the higher priced item you didn't want. Kinda nice how that works, eh?

Well after returning home and spending more time with family on Friday night, Jess and I bought our Christmas presents. We got two new Macbooks. My desktop (currently being used to write this) is close to six (!) years old and is woefully underpowered now; though top-of-the-line when initially purchased. Jess' laptop is around 4 years old and she's needing something new as well. Neither of us want to deal with Vista right now so we've decided to jump ship and go Mac. Time will tell whether this is good or bad. We did get Parallels for Jess' Macbook so she can install XP and continue to run her Real Estate applications. Also extra memory (2GB). Since they're both white, we got protective for her and orange for me. The computers are due to arrive in the next couple of weeks. I'll need to migrate my music and photos, otherwise I should be set. I've wanted a Mac for years and this seems like the right time (updated Santa Rosa chip set and operating system).

So very exciting.

We decided to focus on Bex and only small items for us for the holiday. Hopefully the new laptops will be here in time for Christmas.

Woo hoo!

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Never mind the bollocks...

Let me say that I think that Beckett is starting off right. He's inheriting great taste like his father.

I like me some Late Night w/ Craig Ferguson on occasion. On Halloween his first guests were John Lydon and Steve Jones of the Sex Pistols. I got around to watching it this evening and during their set Beckett get really interested, heads to the television, and starts dancing. It seems my boy likes him some punk. Knowing this was a moment to capture, I grabbed the camera and shot a short video which I hope to post.

I think I'll be adding some Rancid and The Ramones to the Beckett playlist in iTunes.

The little guy makes me smile each and every day.

He's found his feet and is wandering around the house. He's become a menace to the poor dog. The cat has the sense and dexterity to get out of his way. I actually like that he's largely ambulatory. It means he can focus more energy on his words....and they're certainly coming. He's can say: thank you, dad, yum (more of a sound than word), grandad, and good. He really needs to say mom or else I think someone in the house is going to have their feelings hurt.