Thursday, January 17, 2008


So, the MacBook is a wonderful piece of hardware. I'm very happy and don't miss Windows at all. Of course, it does ease the transition having my work laptop in case I run into something that requires a Windows-specific application.

The holidays came and went (clearly). Great fun all around. Mother came for a nice visit and even watched Bex on New Years Eve so that Jess and I could visit with some friends. Mr. Bex scored a lot of fun swag and thoroughly enjoys ripping the wrapping off of gifts; whether they're his or not. In his world, wrapped items must belong to him.

Te little guy is adding more words to his comprehension...if we could just get him to say them. But...he looked right at Vagabond tonight and said, "Doggie." Jess and I looked at each other in disbelief. Did he really say that? We agree that he did but no amount of coaxing could get him to utter it again.

He's now 18 -months old and is a severe daredevil. The dude knows no fear. Thrills seem to bring a smile to his face. I fear the future and the broken bones.

Soccer season begins in 3 days and I am sorely out of shape. I've been a large slug over the past month. I'm sure I will get my ass handed to me. Oh well, it will be fun nonetheless.

I was visiting the site of a very old (and dear) friend, Carolyn. She mentioned in a post on her site about some sledding with her family and reminisced about an evening of sledding over Christmas break our freshman year of college. For me it was the last time I saw her. We've managed to keep in sporadic touch (largely due to her diligence) and almost met in Chicago a couple years ago but she was very pregnant and something social really wasn't feasible. Still, I keep hoping my work will send me back to Chicago and we can try again. I would love to meet her husband and children. Anyway back to the sledding...

I recall Sarah, Ajay, Carolyn, for certain but I also think Paul, Brian P. and Anne S were also there. Good friends and good times. I know that it was the last time I was sledding and I treasure the memory. Arkansas winters generally aren't agreeable for sledding and when we've had snow...I've been without a sled. Luckily, with Bex here, I bet we'll keep a sled on hand. I want to thank Carolyn for mentioning the sledding and also for lurking around my site and Jess' site. You inspired me to get out of my no-posting funk. Maybe it can become a trend.